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The Trials of Saint Patrick

7 hrs 23min   |   Writer & Director: Paul McCusker  |  Producer: Dave Arnold    |   Executive Producer: Tim Gray

The Trials of Saint Patrick is the epic story of one man’s spiritual odyssey through hardship and loss, mercy and forgiveness. The privileged son of a Roman official, Patrick was taken and enslaved by foreign pirates from Hibernia—a land now known as Ireland. For six years, he suffered at the hands of cruel masters, enduring extreme weather, starvation, and loneliness. Yet, in the midst of these trials, God was preparing him to evangelize a nation.

“I’m not often left speechless, but the music Jared composed for The Trials of St. Patrick has left me unable to find adequate words to say how remarkable it all is.  Astonishing. Unsurpassed.  Words don’t do this score justice”. Writer & Director, Paul McCusker

WINNER: 2017 Seneca Awards, Best Original Score

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