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The Legends of Robin Hood

5 hrs 40min   |   Writer & Director: Paul McCusker  |  Producer: Dave Arnold    |   Executive Producer: Tim Gray

The child of a reputable family and a faithful son of the Church, Robert of Locksley had no intention of becoming an outlaw. But the relentless cruelty and tyranny by the elite nobility of England demanded that someone rise up for the oppressed. And so Robert of Locksley became Robin Hood—a man thrown into a fierce struggle to balance his deep faith with a call to action in a violent and unjust age.

"The main theme possesses a captivating melody, conveying the Robin Hood character in all his heroic honor and easygoing energy; and there are a number of subordinate themes or motifs that help convey the story beneath its dialogue. It certainly makes for fine listening on its own, and those in the mood for a new swashbuckling sensation for the ears will find THE LEGEND OF ROBIN HOOD a stimulating sensation... turn the volume up and feel the massive tumult of rumbling drums, raging choir, gleaming brass, storming violins, and delicious orchestration." - Randall D. Larson, noted film music critic and columnist for Musique Fantastique

WINNER: 2019 Seneca Awards, Best Original Score

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