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The Victory of Joan of Arc

4 hrs 23min   |   Writer & Director: Paul McCusker  |  Producer: Todd Busteed & Paul McCusker    |   Executive Producer: Tim Gray

Declared a witch, she became a saint.  A 17-year-old peasant girl enters the royal courts, claiming she's been sent by God to fulfill a mission: drive out the English enemies and place the true king of France on the throne.  

"Jared DePasquale’s latest audio drama score is one of the composer’s most fragrant, potent, and personal scores to date, and that’s saying a lot." - Randall Larson, noted film music critic and columnist for Musique Fantastique

“It was a delight to work so closely with Jared on the music for this project. He was intuitive and responsive in all of our give-and-take about how the music complemented and even defined the many scenes. No musical moment is wasted or simply plugged in. Jared is whole-heartedly dedicated to getting it right, to making certain the music is integral to everything happening around it. For that, I am always grateful.”  - Writer & Director, Paul McCusker

"The score, which was composed by Jared DePasquale, is intricate and beautiful, weaving in and out of the story tapestry masterfully. As with all great scores, it is understated and subtle where the scene calls for it and grand and soaring when the story necessitates that approach." - JD Sutter, Audio Theatre Central

Featuring: Kim Fleuchaus, flute and Sarah Van Der Ploeg, vocals

The Victory of Joan of Arc
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