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Freedom Part Two

325min |  Writer & Director: Ian Bultman  |  Casting Director: Phillip Glassboro        |  Historical Consultant: Tracy McKenzie |  Sound Design: Joshua Bultman, Rob Jorgenson, Allen Hurley

Four hundred years ago, 102 men, women, and children crowded between decks of a small cargo ship named the Mayflower and set out for the New World. Who were these people, willing to risk everything and move to a wild, untamed land? Why did they go, what did they do, and does any of it even matter today? Freedom: William Bradford and the American Pilgrims tells a riveting and timely tale of determination, endurance, and conviction.


WINNER, 2021 Seneca Award for "Best Score for an Audio Drama"

RUNNER UP: 9th Annual Reel Music Awards, Best Score, Other Media

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