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Awake the Dawn:
The Story of Advent (2020)

Producer: Jared DePasquale   |   Engineer (Tracking): Brando Triantifilou   |  Engineer (Mixer): Terry Christian |  Release Date: 2020

Awake the Dawn: The Story of Advent is a passion project that I began in the fall of 2011 and completed at the conclusion of 2013.  The idea behind this project was to create an immersive and meaningful musical experience that would engage and guide people in a journey along the arc of the events, themes, and questions of the Advent story (Creation / Fall / Redemption / Re-Creation).

“It is refreshing to hear music that is well thought out, beautifully produced, deep in reverence, void of cliché and performed by such excellent musicians and singers. This is an album that will live for many, many years.  It seriously ministers to me and I highly recommend Awake The Dawn: The Story of Advent for a deep and uplifting experience.”   Michael Omartian, 3 Time Grammy Award Winner, 17-time Grammy nominee

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