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Ancient Evil: Scream of the Mummy

90min   |  Writer: Matthew Jason Walsh  |  Director: David DeCoteau  |  Studio: Rapid Heart Pictures   |  Release Date: 2000

Six archaeology students are spending the summer at an isolated rural compound with their college professor, working on an exciting discovery: an ancient mummy, found in the ruins of a temple. Little do they realize that the mummy was the servant of the Rain God, and that one of them has the ability to bring it back to life to exact its master's deadly revenge. Trapped inside of the compound with the murderous, unstoppable creature, they must join forces to destroy the monster, or allow it to carry out its plans to annihilate all mankind.

"ANCIENT EVIL: SCREAM OF THE MUMMY contains one of Jared’s most persuasive scores. Although the film itself has been much-maligned in critical circles, many have called the music out for praise. Depasquale merges inventive electronic tonalities and orchestral surgings into an intriguing and affecting musical sound design, featuring a healthy dose of “black mass” chorale chanting not unlike that from THE OMEN."         - Cinescape Magazine

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